Virtualized Narratives with Hugo Pilate.

Stage 1 ︎

The idea came about from a desire to be able create our own drawing tools. The program was first speculated as a custom VJING TOOL with various controls including responsiveness to music.

Hugo did most of the programming in PROCESSING and I experimented with the use of concept, brushes and aesthetic.

Stage 2 ︎

After months of experiments, the program showed promise but felt slow and clunky.

We decided to remove most of the features and to keep the core component: the sketching. We realized the tool was especially successful and evocative when working with type.

Around that time we decided to create a newsprint publication for PROCESSING COMMUNITY DAY and CREATED A VIDEO showing the possibilities of the tool for the event. And COMPUTATIONAL MAMA made us an ONLINE VERSION of the app!

Stage 3︎

We created a new version not long after that for a live gig (first actual VJ application! controlled it with an Apple Pencil) with CURSORAMA. We also created our own brushes inspired by the BRANDING OF THE EVENT using GOOGLE WAREHOUSE and THINGIVERSE assets rendered in KEYSHOT.

︎︎︎ Since, we've continued experimenting and
invited other artists to use the tool. ︎︎︎

Here, here and here.


We also self published a book.

PhotoSueding is a publication that brings to the analog form two years of
intermitten but dedicated collaboration with Hugo Pilate.

It’s a response to the fact that Photoshop exists.


It sets out to rewrite Photoshop functions by using the tool as a way of taking
back the evocative power behind these words.

We also explored recording the motion, experimenting with sound and
employed it to create an Ident for the Eye Myth Festival