︎︎︎Five Million Incidents, Max Mueller Bhawan in collaboration with Raqs Media Collective 2019


Five Million Incidents / Home to War Kitchens - is an attempt to look at Kitchen as a gendered space in households to enquire about domestic job/roles within the militarized space in times of war. Thinking around its huge contribution to systems we inhabit every day where interestingly the labor history associated with particular roles remains absent, the project is a journey between and a dialogue across spaces inhabiting these ‘menial’ works. Its initiation from the personal space probes an imagination of a possibility to look at the war through the Kitchen space wherein one cooks and is simultaneously informed about geo-political happenings through the media. Through this singular access point, the project delves into the non-heroic face of warfare - the beginning of which is situated in homes. 

(To me I think the proximity of kitchen from a privilege point of view and war as concept & experience are too far removed. I have lived in dependence of my family all my life. So, to me they’re both imaginary spaces. So I think my leaping at both these spaces is an opportunity for me excavate my relationship and to observe the layers of my family structure and how women/men get assigned/coerced into certain roles in society, in our heads and in spaces around us.)

With Preeti Singh, Vidur Sethi & Nitish Arora